Aged Care Initiative – Interactive Sing

Aged Care Initiative – Interactive SingThe aim of the program offers the residents of Aged Care homes the opportunity to connect, interact and have fun with sound and singing in support of improving their wellbeing, with the support of professionals trained in the therapeutic benefits of sound.

Inspired by the success of the program, the charity sponsored a 1940’s themed Community Party that brought together nearly 100 aged guests from around the community to enjoy lunch and an interactive singing program.

The event played a role in addressing the need for more aged care social care support and relationship building between the various care homes and services.The Local Mayor and a town councilor were in attendance and the overall feeling was one of appreciation a call for more, with one guest saying “It feels like you have brought Frome together. There are people here who I have not seen for years. It’s wonderful.”

The Invitation:

Aged Care Initiative – Interactive Sing Invite