Sound Healing

Human voice and sound in general are powerful tools and have proven benefit in positively influencing our health and well-being. It is with this position that the Sound Foundation Community Care engages with various individuals and groups to support them to promote true health and wellbeing through the power of sound.

Examples of charitable activities and grants to date:

sound healing main

  • Sponsored ‘Develop your natural voice – the art of communication, self-care and active listening’ to support local teachers and support staff. The event helped to promote skills in communication, active listening, self-care and self-awareness for teachers and support staff through the medium of music and the voice. Attendance was free of charge.
  • Sponsored a Sound Healing Concert for the community to allow all attendees to experience and feel the healing benefits of sound. Attendance was free of charge.
  • Sponsored an open invitation Men’s Choir, an evening celebration of musical wellbeing, allowing men to experience the therapeutic benefits of sound. Attendance was free of charge.

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