Health and Wellbeing

There are numerous outside factors that can and do affect our wellbeing. The Sound Foundation Community Care sees and works with the conviction that to improve the wellbeing equity of a person it is vitally important to bring greater awareness where each individual realises his or her own potential in consciously choosing to make choices that lead to greater physical, mental and social wellbeing and therefore to a significant sound health.


Examples of charitable activities and grants to date:

  • A grant to the local Birthing Unit at the local Community Hospital, that aimed to support both staff and patients, lifting the Unit as a whole. Sound docs facilitated the use of music in the delivery room, proven to ease the process of birthing, and ergonomic chairs for staff to encourage self care in staff.
  • Sponsored a Self Care ‘Health in our Hands’ Forum to raise awareness in the local Frome and wider Somerset community of Self Care and its supportive impact on sound health and well being for both recipients and providers of health care, in line with the Self Care Forum’s ‘Self Care Week’, a national initiative run in collaboration with the NHS. Attendance was free of charge.
  • Sponsored Befriending Pilot Project – at a local hospital for patients in medium to long-term rehabilitation, many without regular visitors. The pilot was a resounding success according to generous feedback from the recipients and hospital management and we are currently working on supporting an extended volunteer program.
  • Sponsor a yearly Women’s Celebration Day event for men, women and children promoting the importance of sound health and wellbeing in all aspects of women’s lives and the impact and support this has on the lives of those around them. Over 150 local women and their families attended. Speakers included an NHS specialist and local health professionals. Attendance was free of charge.
  • Men’s Dinner ‘Starting the Conversation’ that brought men together to raise awareness and dialogue on issues such as health, cancer (specifically prostate) work/life balance, relationships and to inspire them to start talking about these topics amongst themselves, to start opening up and sharing. Attendance was free of charge.

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